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These are my boys, Shoah (top) and Plath (bottom),
who I adopted in June 1997,
when they were 1 ½ months old.
Plath has his own page on Catster; have a look!

This is Freyja. She was born sometime in May/June 2001 and
was found huddled, with one of her siblings, on a country road in PA.
My mom’s one coworker’s daughter found her. I fell in love with her
immediately, even though I was not seeking a cat at the time (this was not
long after Shoah passed away). She’s my joyous little buff-colored tornado,
and she too has her own page on Catster!

This is my beloved dog Benny, a Yorkie-Poo who passed away in March 1999,
four months shy of his 12th birthday. Benny was loving and joyous and always a pleasure to be around
(except when he would bark ferociously at the mailman!) Sometimes when we would take him for
walks, passing cars would slow down to look at him, because he was adorable and looked like,
as one friend called him, “a cuddly toy come to life.” He is always sadly missed.

My mom’s cat, Cleo (left) was a stray who came to live with us in June 1996.
Although she was only eight months old (and therefore still a kitten), she was
already pregnant, as well as severely malnourished and sick. My sister found Cleo cowering
beneath her car in the parking lot of her apartment complex, and she managed to scoop her
up before Cleo sprinted away. She is now happy, healthy, and possesses a Zen-like calm. My sister
adopted Gabby (right) in the autumn of 1995 and unfortunately, because Gabby hated Kristen’s boyfriend with a
passion, Kristen finally had to send her to live with our mom in March 1998. She’s
quite happy now, eating everything she can get her paws on,
and cuddling with Mom—but only when it is on her terms.

This is Pepper, my sister and her husband’s dog. Bryan adopted her from an animal shelter
in January 1997, after she was found wandering alone in a cornfield. Pepper is one superb dog—
she is protective, yet friendly, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a pet who is better behaved than
her (although she does have her occasional relapses as far as litter boxes, fox poop, and garbage cans are concerned!)


Harley is Pepper’s sister, adopted from a shelter in December 1999, just in time to move
into Bryan and Kristen’s new house. Though very protective of her turf as far as other cats are concerned, she is so
calm and mild-mannered, you would think that she is hooked on tranquilizers! She really is a lovely cat who
enjoys sunning herself on the deck, when she’s not eating and playing.

Mia, an American Eskimo dog, was adopted by Kristen and Bryan in 2002.
This adorable,lively puff of fur is a treat to watch in the snow, and also when she and
Pepper chase each other around and do everything in unison (you can tell Mia
definitely looks up to her sister!)

Some more shots of Plath, Shoah, and Freyja: