Melanie Bilenker makes enchanting and intricate jewelry out of strands of hair.

Thomas Doyleís miniature sculptures utterly boggle the mind. Martin Munoz and Erin Tyner offer similar takes on the genre.

Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures are truly breathtaking.

Turn your DNA into modern art with DNA11 (you can also turn your fingerprints into art).

See how one man turned books turned into different types of art.

Explore the wonderful world of altered book art.

I am bewitched by Laura Splanís blood art...

...and equally bewitched by Helena Blomqvistís melancholy photographic/fine art hybrids!

Kiersten Essenpreisís paintings are lovely in a vaguely sinister way.

Gorgeous, original, how-the-hell-did-she-do-that paper sculptures from artist Jen Stark and fabulously cool pencil sculptures from Jennifer Maestre (these two women make me so proud to be a Jennifer!)

Here are some mind-boggling sculptures made exclusively from nails and toothpicks.

Mark Ryden creates striking dark fairy tale-esque art.

Chet Zarís art is also very dark—I love the gas masks!

Some cool art projects that took place around London in recent years: Art After Science, NODE London, Greenwich Emotion Map, Cyclone.soc, and Thomson & Craighead.

Turn words into visual poems.

Natalie Shauís art has an intriguing dark fantasy aspect to it.

I love Joseph Cornellís shadowboxes!

Metal Taboo: Socially Deviant Metal Art

Megan Gordon-Hall’s eco-friendly tapestries include recycled treasures that weave “together inspiring stories of life, nature, and experiences.”

David D’Orio’s art “presents visions of playful violence, double speak, and innuendo.”


John Ricker turns guns into art.

Ian Bird makes art out of salvaged auto body parts, recycled metals, and other found objects.

I adore the Love series drawn by Art Shark Designs. I own two of her pieces and bought two more for friends.

Betty Mooreís photos focus on the intricacies of water drops.

Joan Konkelís art is created out of metal and mesh.

TexelGirl Art & Design focuses on digital art, sculpture, design, and 3-D models.

Chris Noel makes paintings out of debris.

Abstract and non-representational works balancing form and color are the focus of Michael Torraís work.

Melissa Burleyís art uses both manmade and recycled materials to to suggest there “is beauty in life after death and open the eyes of others to consider their role in the preservation of our Earth.”

HDR photographic glimpses of DC and other areas are produced by Paul Ryan Seegers.

Anybody who doubts that jigsaw puzzles can be works of art needs to check out Thom Spencerís pieces.

Andrew Cronanís mobile sculptures pay homage to Calder without mimicry.

DC Metro collages and more can be found at

Susan Chapinís sculptures are made out of many items, including nails and wire.

Michelle Soy Sauce Chin documents her world through iPhone pictures, then prints them out and mounts them to wooden frames that look exactly like iPhones, which she creates from hand. All the iPhones you see on her page are actually the frames she made.

David Yano makes unusual mobiles and sculptures.

Abstract art is the specialty of Anita Kernacs.

Joel E. Traylor III’s colorfully vibrant paintings are reminiscient of Klee and Picasso.

Jamie Wimberly’s media paintings, drawings, and constructions focus on constraints and isolation.

Amin Swessi explores pop culture and media infiltration through his art.

Bold colors are the hallmarks of Paula Hoffmanís work.

Jason Haaberís sculptures, lamps, and furnishings are made out of circuit boards.

Forrest McCluer is conducting an ongoing project to deconstruct 30 discarded personal computers and create sculptures from all constituent parts.

Design Sponge guides you to some of the best covet-worthy design deals and ideas on the Web.

Cruise the classified ads at Lush Pad and you can find some great design and modern furniture deals.

I like checking out the different design/decorating ideas at Apartment Therapy, Casa Sugar, and Remodelista.

Design Spunk is one artistís blog highlighting design around the Web, as well as her own art.

A few modern design decor links that I like, even though pretty much everything everything is wildly overpriced: Velocity, Purves and Purves, Moco Loco, MoMA Store, Dwell Design Source, Modern Outdoor, Unison, skram furniture, Weego Home, Contemporary Cloth, Plushpod, Spectra Decor, 2 Modern, Unica Home, and LBC Lighting.

FinnStyle is a great source for Finnish design goods.

The Vector Art blog offers some terrific free Illustrator and Photoshop brushes.

Design Within Reach can be pricy, but they do offer some superb sales and deals.

I love the vessel sinks at!

Design Glut has some funky items, like cubic lightswitch covers.

The Dieline focuses on product packaging design. I particularly dig this calendar made of matches!

Designboom “is the leading independent publication for key contemporary issues and the critique of all aspects of design, especially those topics which enrich the dialogue between design, creative professionals, industry and society.” Their look at Bic pen reinventions really caught my eye.

Green design abounds at Inhabitat.

Textographer melds your photos and text into one!

Some of the photos at Trash the Dress are amazing beyond words. They make me want to run out and get married RIGHT! NOW! Actually, I think I prefer the European version; it tends to be darker and edgier.Another alternative wedding photography site that rocks my world is Underwater Brides.

Some Flickr photo sets that make me drool: wee planets (amazingly intricate panoramic shots that create tiny planets out of everyday scenes), vintage matchbook covers, Entoptic Phenomena (the photographer gets people to jump underneath sheets and fabrics and then snaps them in mid-air, completely hidden behind the fabric), computer spam turned into art, abandoned London (some guy, inspired by 28 Days Later, went around London on Christmas morning and photographed different places to show how utterly abandoned the city is on Christmas. Places like Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, which are normally packed to the rafters, are absolutely barren. Itís very cool!)

PhotoBetty is a thorough resource and showcase for women photographers.

Europe’s largest photographic center, located in Switzerland, looks awesome. Yet another reason for me to go back there someday!

Some marvelous art photos from around London can be had here. is like a giant, and very amazing, mall where artists can sell their art and handicrafts. I could easily blow my entire fortune (if I had one) at this site. The DC-area version is Crafty Bastards.

I really love these book mobiles.

McBittersonís has some cute and morbid crafts.

Tugboat Printshop offers some amazingly detailed woodcut prints.

DIY fabric creation! What an awesome idea! Use Spoonflower, Fabric On Demand, and Karma Kraft as resources.

Keith Moore makes wonderfully funky and surprisingly affordable modern clocks and lamps.

Who knew pottery could be so anti-establishment? Carrie Reichardt did.

Deluxe Junque has some cute purses, messenger bags, eyeglass cases, and other items in great fabrics (atomic barkcloth, skulls, etc).

This Finnish woman makes some neat accessories from recycled materials, like necklaces made out of zippers.

Tiny Terra sells cool little terrariums encased in lightbulbs.

Iíve always wanted a quilt made from my old t-shirts, and now I know where to get one!

Rarrar Press has some great letterpress items.

If you need proof that embroidery can be very hip, Stitched Ink, Sublime Stitching, and Urban Threads provides it.

These heavy metal quilts make me wish I were a quilter.

Feeling subversive? Feeling crafty? You’re in luck.

Find countless craft ideas at

Modish Marketplace has loads of handmade goodies.

Craft Mafias are so much cooler than gangs.

ikc design is all about making new things from old things.

Love Dog Card Company

Extreme Craft

If you prefer skulls, pocket knives, bear traps, and like-minded themes over gemstones and hearts, This Charming Man is the place for you.

Evil Pawn Jewelry offers skull cameos and other goth-glam jewelry pieces.

I love the funky finds at

Catherine Swaineís jewelry is simple and lovely.

Konzuk makes very cool jewelry made out of steel and concrete.

My Sunset Roadís modern-looking jewelery is made of organic metal. I also like the metal jewelry at Metalicious and Blend Creations.

Metal and stone collide at Plum & Sage.

Kiku offers some cool fused glass creations. I really like the photography-themed platter.

People share sometimes funny, sometimes touching, sometimes devastating tales of losing their virginity at Deflowered Memoirs.

Married people can be soooooo obnoxious on Facebook.

It’s becoming an increasingly prevalent problem: what to do when your parents join Facebook?

FMyLife makes me pee myself a bit with laughter.

Even though Iím addicted to Facebook, I still the humor (the profound, explosive humor) of Lamebook.

Mockery of people at Walmart never really gets old.

See how etiquette has long since died and been buried in modern society.

Who knew laughing at other peopleís hideous tattoos could be so much fun?

Laughing at tacky weddings is equally fun.

I love a little bit of passive-aggression in the morning!

Texts you sent and didnít want the world to read.

PostSecret is a project wherein people send their secrets (artistically rendered on postcards) to a man in the DC metro area, who faithfully posts a handful of them online each week (with the secret-keepersí permission). Iím a huge fan of this project and own all the PostSecret books.

Take a voyeuristic peek at other folksí home renovations or their refrigerators. always cracks me up.

I shouldnít laugh at guys who look like old lesbians, but...

Wearing all black and full goth makeup during the summer is a sometimes laughable art form, as will point out.

Created in the wake of the 7/7/05 bombings in London, I Am Fucking Terrified allows people share their fears of every stripe.

Think your Christmas was bad? How about your life in general?

If you like Found Magazine, you might like this site as well, which catalogs found grocery lists.

It is so much fun to eavesdrop on New Yorkers and Londoners! Another variation on the Tube gossip site, but generally not as entertaining, is here.

Hate your neighbors? Hate your landlord? Fire away!

Cruise through funny, scathing, anonymous complaints about coworkers.

Stubborn has a cool range of modern-design jewelry, handbags, and sculptures by an ex-architect.

The Bitter Baking Company sells delightfully bitchy baked goods.

Vera Vague Vintage

A-Hem Vintage

FeistyElle has some really cool felt earrings.

Aztec Arts sells lovely fair-trade items, including some dazzling bowls.

I love Stubbornís modern, inventive, simple metal jewelry.

Peppermint Vintage

I covet some of Trashy Divaís dresses!

These shirts highlight an oddly-named geographical feature or town throughout America.

Murals Your Way has some really cool murals for sale (and yes, many of their offerings are also incredibly cheesy). They offer custom murals, too.

For the foreign grocery needs in your life.

I am so in love with these Polish posters.

Retro-a-go-go has some cute, cheeky, vintage-inspired accessories. I also like the housewares at Upside Dive, the tchotchkes at, and the housewares and accessories at Sourpuss Clothing, too.

You can find uniquely awesome lampshades at Tramp Lamps and Fabulously Fierce.

Letter Perspectives sells collages that spell out a meaningful word or name. The catch? Each letter is actually a photograph of a real-world object which looks like the letter (for example, a swanís head and neck form an S, a row of three icicles dangling from a branch form an M, etc). It sounds cheesy but it really works. Sticks and Stones does the same thing, only exclusively with architectural elements.

Seeing these wildly unusual, intriguing scents makes me desperately wish I werenít anosmic.

Get some nifty-beyond-words vintage reproduction and retro-themed textiles at Repro Depot or at Sin in Linen (which also sells amazing linens covered in skulls and knives).

Who said the art of writing notes on fabulous stationery is dead?

Soviet gear, anyone?

Nicole Locher makes and sells fab t-shirts (which say things like ďSorry darling, good girls donít swallow,Ē ďI really need a fucking coffee,Ē and ďWill fuck for shoesĒ).

I dig the retro-hip clothes here, but they’re waaaaay beyond my price range!

Awesome products abound at the Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

More British goods in America than you can shake a stick at: Shop England Online, British Goods , British Shopping , UK Goods, The British Pantry, British Delights, and The British Shoppe.

This site has some fun items, including a wide range of CCCP-emblazoned gear (which the Soviet kitsch lover in me appreciates).

Ephemera sells a fantastic array of liberal buttons, stickers, and magnets.

Nice Scandinavian gifts can be found at Scandinavian Gifts, Scandia Imports, Ilmi Johanna, Ingebretsenís, Gifts From Finland, Touch of Finland, The Wooden Spoon, Scan Select, and Finn Ware.

All of your un-PC giftwrap needs can be met here.

Bust Magazine sells some hella-cool items in their shop. The magazine itself is a feminist gem well worth reading; Iím a proud subscriber. Itís like a Sassy magazine for women.

Have an action figure made of yourself!

Grab goodies from around the world, courtesy of, which exists in conjunction with National Geographic.

Underwear is never boring at, Dirty Dolls Lingerie, and!

A fun mishmash of punk and pinup threads are available at the Please Me Bootique.

Iím mad for vintage clothing! Zapís in Lancaster, PA, and Polly Sueís in Takoma Park, MD, are two of my favorites. Some online options I enjoy perusing are Nova Vintage, Plaid Pony Vintage, Posh Girl Vintage, Wallflower Vintage, and Upside Dive. ReDress is particularly cool because it caters solely to women sized 14+. sells some terrifically unique shower curtains.

Bring out the punk in your dog!

Why should your pets miss out on social networking? Facebook has applications called Catbook and Dogbook, and your pets can also hit Catster, Dogster, MyCatSpace, and MyDogSpace.

Cute/silly cat links: Infinite Cat, What Jeff Killed, Cats That Look Like Hitler, Stuff On My Cat, Cat Drinking Songs, Cats in Sinks.

I suddenly have babies/kids in my life (via family and friends), so Iíve been determined to track down the coolest/funkiest/most subversive/tolerance-inducing baby clothes and toys in existence. The best of the best (in my opinion) is Other really cool shops include:,,,, CaliforniaBaby,, Modern Seed, CityThreads, Oompa, and

Ecoist sells wonderfully cool products out of completely recycled materials. More recycled goodness is available from Eco Artware and VivaTerra.

Check out these purses made from aluminum can pulltabs!

Smart Glass Jewelry makes lovely pieces out of recycled glass.

The Weekend Store makes jewelry out of vintage typewriter keys and XO Handworks makes them out of maps, dictionary pages, and Scrabble tiles

I love these purses made entirely out of seatbelts.

Sparkover sells nifty jewelry made out of repurposed computer circuit boards.

Beautiful, eco-friendly products made out of chopsticks.

Are you a vegetarian with a jones for meat? Delicious fake meat is available at Vegecyber, Vegeusa, and Vegieworld. Or toss the fake meat aside and occupy yourself with vegetarian sex products or vegetarian vitamins.

Use the Compassionate Shopping Guide to make animal-friendly choices every time you shop.

Looking for sites that will help you dine vegetarian when you travel? Try Veg and Vegetarian

Blackle is an energy-saving search engine (basically the power-saving version of Google). It saves some because the screen is predominantly black. Itís estimated that using Blackle could save 750 megawatt hours a year.

Iron Fist Rocks has some very cool vegan shoes.

The Green Glass Company has some great recycled glassware.

Loll Designs sells furniture made out of recycled plastic.

Fill all your reclaimed antique flooring needs at Aged Woods.

A compendium of long lists. (Yeah, it sounds pointless, but itís actually quite interesting!)

If text messaging/IM abbreviations are a foreign language to you, this list will be helpful.

Find a wealth of journal articles and information on the National Library of Medicineís database.

Need a rhyme, synonym, antonym, or definition? The Rhyme Zone proves a wealth of help.

We’ve all misunderstood lyrics at one point or another, right?

Where should you live?

One can never have too many strange and unusual dictionaries.

Are you likely to survive a nuclear blast?

Word lovers will appreciate this site.

Janice Whaley has set out to record a layered vocal version of every Smiths song in existence.

This guy buys boring oil paintings at secondhand stores and adds hilarious monsters to the pieces.

Beat Up Creations and Trixie Vintage create some nifty altered antique plates and mugs.

I am enthralled by abandoned places and urban decay. I can get my fix at the Industrial Decay Network, Dead Malls, Many Faces of Decay, and Abandoned America. This photo exhibit showing an abandoned dental hospital in Russia is also top notch.

Find out how music created from your brain waves can help you relax and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

This literal interpretation of Bonnie Tylerís Total Eclipse of the Heart video makes me laugh until I cry.

The Fail Blog has become a bit of a viral phenomenon lately, and a worthwhile one at that.

I loathe inappropriate quotation marks and apostrophes, yet they also (sometimes!) make me laugh because of their sheer stupidity.

Here are some of the worst European interiors from 1974 (my birth year).

Everybody knows that glasses are sexy, right?

I donít read romance novels (although I was hot for Jackie Collins and Danielle Steel back in the day), but I love that this site celebrates the glorious paradox of smart women who love trashy books, because I do sometimes swill from a goblet oí trashy lit.

Interested in learning more about a specific crime?

RetroFuture is an interesting look at how people of the past thought people of the future (especially around the year 2000) would be living. They were so off-base in many cases, it is quite amusing.

Internet Bumperstickers has such great offerings. To see some bumper stickers that really reflect my views, click here. Yes, many of them are negative. As one of them says, ďI donít do perkyĒ and that pretty much sums up my life. Negativity and nihilism are the name of the game.

Some Ecards, Pickle Party, and Cerebral Itch offer brilliantly subversive and just plain funny (and oh-so-wrong) e-cards. is a lip-smacking foodie website owned and operated by my friend Debbie, who is my favorite foodie in the world.

Dooce is a superb blog. Her sharp writing, her astute observations, her glorious photographs...itís all worth savoring.

This is a website that speaks for Google, so if you plug in a few words, it will troll Google for random words/phrases and complete what it thinks that you're trying to say. Most of it is gibberish, but it can still be good fun.

Build your own conspiracy theory!

Test your mental reflexes!

Take dozens upon dozens of quizzes to learn a thing or two about yourself!

Find long lost treats from your hometown.

Isnít it ironic?

eBayís evil, hilarious cousin! (Unfortunately, though, it rarely gets updated.)

Find out the true story behind your name.

Seek revenge and ye shall find.

What kind of print ads were circulating when you were born?

More vintage ads; these focus exclusively on computers.

Find out where all the speed traps are at in your neck of the woods.

Anonymously notify folks that they have body odor.

One can never have too much useless knowledge oneís life.

Name generators out the wazoo!

Bored? Check out to spice up your day.

This is a neat project being staged by AT&T. Type in any text and the computer will read the text back to you in the voice of your choice.

Would you like to see what the moon looked like on the night you were born?

Where in the world have you been? Here is where I have alighted so far.

Which states have you visited? These are the ones Iíve hit to date.

Urlesque turns a snarky eye onto some of the pop cultural detrius floating around the Web.

Have a peek at some of the worst art painted at fairgrounds.

Some of these Photoshop disasters are priceless; others hardly qualify as being a disaster. is a funny site which is at its best when it mocks recipes and fashions from the past.

Enjoy lots and lots of insults.

This dude has written some very dry, funny, fake reviews on, which is pissing off Amazon considerably.

How about some hysterical Airtoons?

The Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks is great fun when you are easily annoyed by inappropriate quote marks, as I am.

McSweeneys provides wonderfully sardonic, random humor.

More wacky wit can be found at Brunching Shuttlecocks. Their toys and ratings are tops.

I am addicted to snarking about bad baby names.

An awesome and very funny look at bizarre records.

The Onion remains one of the sharpest source of satire and humor on the planet.

Worst music video ever? Quite possibly.

The Nietzsche Family Circus is good for a laugh!

Check out these excllent toys for your inner child.

Build your own Mr. Picasso Head.

Fun, silly things (like Jesus action figures) can be had at Archie McPhee.

The end of a relationship can feel like death, so why not write an obituary for it?

Forget about; here are some classified ads specifically geared toward atheists and agnostics, environmentally-friendly folks, herbivores, people who only want platonic relationships, goths, and pet owners.

Hate Valentineís Day? Munch on some BitterSweets, send that special someone dead flowers, enjoy some anti-Valentine links, and then enjoy even more anti-Valentine links

Do you want to tell other women why dating your ex would be the biggest mistake of their lives?

Erotica for the discerning individual can be read at and

Do you really need a website to tell you whether youíre gay or not??

Iceland is home to the world’s only penis museum.

Iím a huge MyDeathSpace addict. This site catalogs all the MySpace members who die or are arrested for crimes, and itís more respectful than youíd think.

How much is your corpse worth? Mine will net a cool $6,025.

If you like urban decay/ruins (and, I mean, come on...who doesnít?), youíll probably like this wonderful selection of Chernobyl and Pripyat links.

Or you could check out some abandoned malls.

Find graves all over the world.

Dig death? Check out the only necromantic museum in the US.

Empty World is devoted to fiction and film depicting the end of the world, apocalypse, and nuclear war. This is totally my ghoulish, postapocalyptic literature-loving assís cup of tea.

For the complete pessimist in all of us.

In Your Pocket is an informative and often funny guide to life and travel in Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, the City Paper will fill you in on whatís going on in the Baltics.

Find out what your cash is worth in other currencies.

Did you every want to swear in a foreign language? Or perhaps learn various G-rated phrases in dozens of foreign languages?

Translate your words into several humorous dialects.

Wanna know how to say, ďOh my God! Thereís an axe in my head!Ē in multiple languages?

Boots ní All is kind of like an independent travelerís bible.,,

ita software searches public fares published by airlines very thoroughly, then presents the answers in a form that’s easy to read and easy to reorganize.

Landover Baptist offers religious parody in top form!

Are you an infidel who believes in free thought? If so, check out Banned Books, a freethought webring,,, or

Find out which level of Danteís inferno your heretic ass is most likely to end up in. My score on all the levels:

Purgatory (Repenting Believers) -- Very Low
Level 1: Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)
-- Very Low
Level 2: Lustful
-- Moderate
Level 3: Gluttonous
-- High
Level 4: Prodigal and Avaricious
-- High
Level 5: Wrathful and Gloomy
-- Very High
Level 6: The City of Dis (Heretics)
-- High
Level 7: Violent
-- Very High
Level 8: the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)
-- Very High
Level 9: Cocytus (Treacherous)
-- Moderate

Fantastic articles on doubting religion are here.

A very intensive site on depression.

A comprehensive list of phobias.

But remember that not all phobias are commonplace!

Explore the link between creativity and madness.

Video Americain, a non-Netflix alternative to scoring obscure, indie, and foreign films.

FilmFest, DCís annual foreign film festival.

The annual European Union Film Showcase at the American Film Institute, which also runs Silverdocs, an annual documentary film festival.

Smithsonian museums

International Spy Museum

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

National Gallery of Art

National Museum of Women in the Arts

National Geographic Museum

National Archives (where you can see the Declaration of Independence and other historical documents)

Corcoran Gallery

National Museum of Crime and Punishment

International Club of DC

the annual Tartan Ball

Library of Congress

Artomatic, DC’s annual monthlong arts extravaganza.

Capital Fringe Festival

Palace of Wonders, which has fantanstic burleque shows and other rockin’ events, along with a museum of oddities.

DC Cabaret

Burlesque University

Embassy events and more embassy events.

Incredible glass art at DC Glassworks.

Irregular times is a great source of news that would otherwise be censored or ignored by the mainstream press.

Fark covers news and websites that are strange/funny/stupid/interesting. Check them out daily! highlights a funny/bizarre/interesting website or news article each day.

x-entertainment offers some of the funniest pop culture observations on the web.

Here is a search engine that focuses exclusively on the sleazy side of the internet.

A great online radio station can be heard here.

A great media source.

If youíre snarky, a wee bit geeky, and you love TV, donít just clap your hands...come to Television Without Pity, where all the cool kids hang.

Although I still love Perez Hilton, Dlisted is rapidly replacing him in my heart, in terms of being my favorite purveyor of celebrity gossip doled out by a sassy gay guy.

Kill off your least-favorite sitcom characters!

When did your favorite TV shows go downhill?

Heatworld is currently my favorite source of British celebrity gossip.