Here are some of my closest friends, in the order in which I met them. Descriptions of everybody need to be added, but in the meanwhile, brevity is the soul of wit, right? Feel free to dive right into the pool by enjoying these award-winning bon mots uttered by my friends over the years.

Antoinette and I met in 7th grade and became friends
in 8th grade.

Missy and I also met in junior high, but we only became friends in 10th grade.


Here is Heather, who I met just before 11th grade. Such a lifesaver!

I met Shawn, the best artist in the land, when he
was in 9th grade and I was in 10th grade.

I met David in college; he was the best thing to
emerge from my bleak college years.

Annida and I met while studying abroad. She made that
year kick ass.

This is Richard, who I met while studying abroad.

Those krazy kids. One minute they’re trying to
gaslight you; the next they’re interviewing Jessica
Simpson. This is Jorge, by the way. We met while I
was studying abroad.

Angela and I met through David (he studied in Germany with her).

I met Skevy at my old job, but it took us a while to start hanging out!


Debbie used to work with me as well. Then we discovered

that we’re actuallylong lost relatives!

Danielle and Tony are two of the coolest cats in the DC metro area. We
met through an online Clay Aiken fan group, believe it or not!

I met Julie and Susan through my current job; they
helped to keep me sane!

I belong to a fierce, badass gang of miscreant dorks back home called the Fury. These two shots show some of the gang members: Kelly, Ang, Travis, Kendra, Missy, Beck, Tom, Terry, Abby, Amelia, Joel, Brad, Shawn, Amy